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Life is meant to be inspiring, meaningful, and even joyful!

We each have beautiful gifts and talents that will help us accomplish our unique purpose in life and bring us joy. I believe that we will discover and develop these gifts as we grow and learn through life experiences, even the traumas. Then, we can serve the world in our unique way, reach our potential, and live a meaningful and joyful life.

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Learn more about managing stress, healing trauma, and understanding why we react to life the way we do.

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Tiffany is a podcast host, bestselling author, international speaker, transformational coach, and innovator in the field of personal development.

For eighteen years, she struggled with debilitating chronic illnesses caused by traumas earlier in life. When she finally overcame that challenge, what she learned along the way became the catalyst for her life’s work. Her vision is to empower people around the world to harness their innate gifts and abilities, live their purpose, and create a life they love.

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The PERFECT Healing System


When working through life's challenges - whether physical, mental, emotional or otherwise - it's best to get to the root of the issue and be as comprehensive as possible. This innovative approach found in the bestselling book Life Above the Line and other PERFECT Healing content offer powerful principles and simple techniques to help you overcome your challenges.


Get clear and specific about the focal point of the challenge.


Account for all the relevant factors contributing to the challenge.


Understand what the message is that this challenge is trying to teach.


Make necessary shifts in behavior, environment or support.


Use the Life Above the Line techniques to resolve internal imbalances.



Melonie Packer

Tiffany has a wonderful presence about her... She makes you want to be better, achieve something greater. She gives you something to aspire to all while helping you to feel completely capable and loved exactly the way you are!

Mako Wilton

Balanced. Unconditional. Empowering. Three words I feel when I coach with Tiffany. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking advancement, whether in the business world or in personal life.

Jen Howard

I love your book! Thanks for adding tools to my arsenal! My favorite part of your audio program Unpack Your Baggage is that bonus track on grief. I was able to heal something I didn't even realize I was still grieving. Thank you!

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Ready for more peace, clarity, and power in your life?

Learn how to access the best parts of yourself, live above the line in creation mode, and enjoy your best life.

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Ready for more peace, clarity, and power in your life?

Learn how to heal more deeply from trauma, access the best parts of yourself, and live your life above the line with increased health, happiness, and success.

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