Would you rather manage stress or be immune to it?

Of course, you'd rather be immune to it. But how, you may ask? We'll show you.


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Would you rather manage stress or be immune to it?

Of course, you'd rather be immune to it. But how, you may ask? We'll show you.

What is Stress Immunity?


Stress Immunity is the core ability to resist stress and be resilient to better handle all aspects of life. When we get to the root of what causes stress, we can build immunity to it. And it's easier than you might think.
In fact, we can build your stress immunity by 30% over the next two weeks in about 20 minutes a day.

Benefits from the Stress Immunity Reboot


Think more clearly and have more positive thoughts and attitudes.


Feel more peaceful and remain calm in challenging situations.


Experience greater wellness and have fewer discomforts.

Personal Care

Gain healthy habits and more drive to improve self-care.

Mental Benefits

"I can quiet my busy brain now."

"I feel more resilient and can be more positive."

"I feel like I can do anything!"

"I had a crazy week and handled it very well."

"It's easier to fight off negative thoughts, and I can cope better with work stress."

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Emotional Benefits

"I feel more peaceful."

"I'm a little more aware of my struggles, but I feel more capable to handle them."

"It's making a difference! I feel stronger and more balanced emotionally."

"I take depression medication and this helps me more naturally process  and express emotions. I feel human."

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Physical Benefits

"My knee doesn't hurt as much and I've had fewer headaches."

"I'm having fewer issues with reflux - I ate pizza and didn't die!"

"My physical therapy went better than usual - my hips moved more than they have in a long time!"

"I struggle to relax and this helps me."

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Personal Care Benefits

"I’ve started taking better care of myself. I watch what I eat, drink more water, and get in my 10,000 steps a day."

"I finally started exercising."

"I was actually able to cut out processed foods."

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You can do anything for 2 weeks!

Seriously, it's less than 20 minutes a day for 2 weeks to increase your resiliency and your capacity to handle life.

Stress Immunity Reboot for Individuals


Top features

  • Two-week online program
  • 60-days of access
  • Mobile app integration 
  • Independent activities
  • Daily building prompts
  • Resilience meditations
  • Beneficiary access
  • BONUS educational materials
  • Trainings available for small groups and network marketers

"LOVED the first day meditation!

Beautiful! And so profound! I have never thought to look at my problem as something I hold in my hand."

~ Lynda H., Utah


"Your meditations helped me as much or more than anything.

And I think it’s because my need for that distinct guidance as I follow along. To me it’s guiding and staying with me, helping me, supporting me, strengthening me, all in the same time period. The meditations alone are huge for me.”

~ Gina S., Texas

Easily accessible from any digital device!

Access the Stress Immunity Reboot online program from your desktop for the full view. Or, you can access the program from your tablet or phone with the Kajabi app (downloadable from the app store).

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