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The Alchemy of Becoming: Muscle Testing for Self-Discovery

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Life is a journey of becoming—a time to learn, grow, and develop into the best version of ourselves. As we face challenging experiences, they change us and refine us. Through this process of alchemy we become stronger, feel more joy, and achieve more success. We receive life's lessons with grace, allow our difficulties to make us better than how we began, and realize the purpose for which we were born.

In this book, learn how to:

  • Master the skill of muscle testing to discover what’s best for your life.
  • Hone your intuition through muscle testing and asking great questions.
  • Get answers regarding your health, happiness and success.
  • Resolve obstacles with simple techniques so you can reach your goals.
  • Build more confidence to move your life forward.
  • Navigate the path to become your best self.

What People Are Saying:

Muscle testing was a new concept for me, and I think Tiffany prefaced it well and then described it well. What an amazing way to navigate through life's many options, choices, emotions, and problems! Tiffany has a gift for healing and such a calm spirit in her work and service towards others.

Robin M., Hawaii

Irreducible self ’ are two words in this book that connected me with a power to evaluate my life and choose to become my best self. I’m learning to ask ‘discerning questions,’ move my life forward in a meaningful way, help my children better, and get closer to crossing that ‘healing finish line.’ Thank you, Tiffany, for all your work to help me and thousands of others!

Julie V., Idaho