No more feeling powerless.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to learn valuable information about your physical, mental, and emotional well-being in seconds? You have so much power inside of you to begin unraveling your mysteries and persistent challenges.


"I’ve tried to learn muscle testing before, but I struggled to really get it. I can do it easily now after watching Tiffany’s training."

~ Linda D., Texas

Amazing resources!

You'll receive the groundbreaking, new resource for muscle testing, The Alchemy of Becoming: Muscle Testing for Self-Discovery and the 61-page accompanying pdf workbook. Work through dozens of exercises to know how to truly access what’s best for you!


Bestselling author and muscle testing expert, Tiffany Garvin, will guide you through the basics of learning how to ask your body questions no one else can answer. Come away empowered to begin resolving the mysteries and persistent challenges in your life.

No more feeling powerless.

No more wondering what is actually causing your frustrations and health issues. The answers to these challenges is literally at your fingertips, and we'll show you how to access them.

Learn how to ask great questions

...and get powerful answers that lead to life-changing progress in your health and life goals. Tiffany will show you how to tap into your body’s wisdom, hone your intuition, and really come to know what is best for your health, happiness, and success.

Muscle testing is a simple skill

...that can be effective for identifying food reactions, understanding emotional burdens, learning the mysteries underlying health concerns, amplifying personal development efforts, and overcoming many of life’s challenges. In this clear, simple, and instructive training, Tiffany leads you through the principles, guidelines, mindset, and methods of self-muscle testing. 

Muscle testing is a life-changing skill that will help you:

  • Become the true CEO of your life
  • Be more confident and decisive, and make better decisions according to what you ACTUALLY need
  • Learn the mysteries behind your challenges
  • Stick to your goals by helping you uncover and overcome the hidden blocks to your progress
  • Quickly sift through the clutter to find the golden nuggets of truth for your body and your life
  • Feel calm and still amid the challenges of life

Introduction to Muscle Testing


Go deeper into mastering this skill and making real and lasting changes in your life with the innovative resources in this course, including:

  • Information-packed training videos
  • 61-page pdf workbook with dozens of exercises and exclusive bonuses!
  • BONUS! The Alchemy of Becoming: Muscle Testing for Self-Discovery

"I didn’t know muscle testing was this easy!"

~ Jordie W., Utah

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