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Recognizing that there's something in your life that needs to change is really the first step.

From there the question arises, "But how?" The next step is learning that you actually have the power to change it. Choosing into changing, healing, growing, and becoming is key. The Life Above the Line Membership offers powerful resources to nurture you along your journey and help you make those changes so your life can look more like you want it to.

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From Tiffany:

It's my mission to save hearts. My content is here to serve and lift you.


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Tiffany has been able to find the commonality behind various healing modalities, the deeper reason they are effective.  She has stripped away the exterior to find the inner power, and best of all, she can teach you how to utilize this power for yourself. We have the power within us to heal ourselves.  We have the power to take control of our health and happiness.

-Julie S., Idaho


Your new meditation helped me as much or more than anything. And I think it's because my need for that distinct guidance... To me it's guiding and staying with me, helping me, supporting me, strengthening me... I would love one with personal healing for Gina's body please lol.  Actually it really is, it's personal to whoever's listening to it.

-Gina S., Texas


Muscle testing was a new concept for me, and I think Tiffany prefaced it well and then described it well! What an amazing way to navigate through life's many options, choices, emotions and problems! Tiffany has a gift for healing and such a calm spirit in her work and service towards others.

-Robin M., Hawaii

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