"Everything I do, I believe in lifting the world. I believe in living a joyful, meaningful life."


I believe we are each born with gifts and talents that will help us accomplish our unique purpose in life and bring us joy. I believe that we will discover and develop these gifts as we work to grow and overcome our life’s challenges. Then, we can serve the world in our unique way and reach our potential. I can help you work through your challenges successfully, learning the lessons you need, so that you can grow, overcome, and thrive in your life.

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Tiffany Garvin is a #1 bestselling author of the book Life Above the Line: Living the Life You’re Meant to Live and The Alchemy of Becoming: Muscle Testing for Self-Discovery. She is also an international speaker, podcast host, transformational coach, and dōTERRA Wellness Advocate.

As a personal coach, Tiffany helps people live their lives above the line physically, mentally, and emotionally. She helps them create health and happiness through her innovative healing work, personal development, and the highest quality essential oils and nutritional supplements.

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