How do we maintain strong stress immunity?

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Just like building up and working to maintain a strong immune system in order to resist illness, we need to consciously build and maintain our stress immunity. Because life offers us continual opportunities to experience stress, we need to adopt healthy mental and emotional habits to respond in a way that keeps our stress immunity strong.

Creating a resilience lifestyle helps with this.

First, take care of your physical well-being by getting enough sleep at night, eating well, supplementing for greater nutrition, drinking plenty of water throughout the day, and moving your body with exercise or other activities.

Second, spend concerted effort on your personal development by reading good books, developing your gifts and talents, discovering purpose in your life, and eliminating destructive behaviors.

Third, pay attention to your social circles by filtering out negative influences and including more positive ones. This can be with people you know and can interact with easily. It can also be through the books you read, shows you watch, and other entertainment you spend your discretionary time on.

Fourth, develop your occupational skills to help you be more effective at your job, the business you’re building or your personal roles. Absorb helpful resources to become a better professional, parent or member of your community.

Fifth, adopt habits that build your mental and emotional resilience. Learn how to process your emotions well so that they move through you and help you become stronger. Choose a positive mental attitude so you always have the strongest influence in your own head. Work to resolve the subconscious store of trauma with programs like the Stress Immunity Reboot.

The power of a resilient lifestyle is not well understood. How we handle life and the stresses we experience comes from our whole life. It starts with the deepest recesses of our subconscious where our trauma is stored and it extends out to our relationships and how we take care of ourselves. When you engage in the kind of life that builds your stress immunity, it increases your capacity for joy and success.

Get to the root of your stress with the Stress Immunity Reboot.

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